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Wrinkles, skin and hair problems are no longer an obsession for many women, due to the technical development of cosmetics. cosmetic treatments have been developed away from the use of traditional surgical procedures to maintain skin youth and fresh, and find solutions to hair problems as well. Slimming and reaching the ideal body in the best way are also among our target.

At Technoclinic, we treat wrinkles and signs of aging using Botox injections between the eyebrows, around the eyes, around the mouth and nose. We also offer a treatment for many of the problems that the skin may be exposed to, giving the face a youthful appearance and making it full and more vibrant. We are working on stimulating collagen production and getting rid of the harmful effects of sunlight on the face and lightening the skin. Moreover, we reduce and improve the appearance of scars, and also skin renewal around eyes and eliminate dark circles, all with PRP injections for the face, Vitamin C, Collagen, and Hyaluronic acid.

We also do face lifting, treatment of facial flabs, lifting and supplying cheeks, and also treating wrinkles, getting rid of facial lines, blowing and supplying lips, and this is done using Filler injection to the face. We also offer a chemical peeling of the skin, tightening facial sagging with strings, removing pimples, dark spots and blackheads.

Here at Technoclinic, we did not forget about hair problems, as we offer a treatment for hair loss and stimulate collagen secretion, which helps the growth of new hair follicles. We also offer a treatment for split hair, strengthening hair follicles, fixing them to the scalp, and treating and regenerating the scalp, all using PRP injections for hair.

We also offer another technique for treating hair problems, is Mesotherapy for hair injection. One of its advantages is the treatment of hair loss, hair split, and dryness. It also treats weak hair follicles and scalp dandruff. It also treats some cases of alopecia that causes hair loss in parallel with drug treatments and slows the spread of baldness.

With Technoclinic, you can restore your natural body shape without pain or surgery using localized slimming techniques that freeze, break down and dispose of excess fat or fat melting like Cryo and Cavitation. These techniques are the safe alternative to liposuction. We also offer Radio Frequency (RF) sessions that tighten sagging skin without surgery, as well as slimming using Mesotherapy injections in places where the fat collects.

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