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Doctor Mona Aly
physical therapy
Specialist in physical therapy, weight loss, slimming and therapeutic nutrition
Examination: 350
Services : Sports injuries - rehabilitation after surgeries - muscle strains - ankle sprains and shoulder injuries - neck, shoulder and back pain - rehabilitation after orthopedic surgeries - manual therapy
Downtown (Strand) : Saturday, Monday and Wednesday
By prior reservation
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Mohandseen Branch (H.Q) : 25 Mecca St., from Mohi El Din Abu El Ezz.
Down Town Branch : Strand Building , 183 El-Tahrir St., Bab Ellouk
Nasr City Branch : 81 Al-Nasr Road, Nasr City
Haram Branch : 44 El haram st., Mariotya

For Booking : 0100 945 0728

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Everyday from 10am to 10pm.

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